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In honor of my freshly born son, I thought it a good time to bring out the costumes for the wee ones. Oh, and BTW, sorry for the nasty alignments in this post. Livejournal sends its heartfelt condolences. :p

              The King of 

Just peel off the head and squeeze out the ketchup. It's just that simple.

Grab a diaper and be prepared for a slap down.

Yes, there is a fool to pity somewhere out there.

But Superbaby knows no such person.

This is probably the most literal Baby Costume I've ever seen.

Mmmmm. Carne Bebe.


You are my father...

This shirt was too suh-weet not to include in the lineup.

A majority of baby costumes are food related. So this isn't my own sick preference. As it goes, it appears this is EVERYBODY'S sick preference. So take a bite. Guilt free.

There are worse way to go than food. One would be to paint your child like a clown that endorses fast food.

Still, I mean, a whole spectrum of wrong is out there to be exploited.

So yeah, food.

"Babies as food? Ah, that's funny. You're a funny guy. I like you. That's why I'm going to kill you last."

I don't know what is more wrong. Dressing your kid up as a real life mass murderer, or dressing your kid up as a real life mass murderer holding a kiddy cup.

This costume rocks! If only there was a way to remove the "I'm a baby trapped in a harness" look from the kid's face.

It's booby time!!!!!

Until next time all ye babies in the machine,

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